Spa Day – Whittlebury Hall


So, for Momma Bears birthday which was on 28th March I knew she wanted a Spa treatment so I decided to book us in to Whittlebury Hall for a ‘Mother & Daughter Pamper Sesh’

She picked me up at 8am and we drove down to Whittlebury, booked ourselves in with a very prim and proper young lady at reception with not a hair on her head out-of-place, and got our towels and robes and changed into our bikini’s. 

We were called for our first treatment at 10am which was a back, neck and shoulder massage in a double room. It was one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve ever had! The oils smelt amazing and the soft music was so soothing. It was a half hour massage but I would’ve laid there for the rest of the day tbh, I was so gutted when it was over! But both me and mum found out that we have tickly spots in the same place on our back but on opposite sides LOL. So, sadly, the massage came to an end.

We decided to take a look in the relaxation room which looked really relaxing with dimmed lights, beds and soft music but at a closer examination it wasn’t so good. The beds were basically just sun loungers and rock hard. There were pictures on the walls and magazines…. The room was almost pitch black…. And my mum made a good point – Unless the magazines are in braille there’s no point in having them in here lol! We didn’t stay in the relaxation room long before we decided to see what else we could try out. We went downstairs in to the big jacuzzi and chilled in the pool for a few minutes then went and checked out the ‘Crystal Sauna’.

I’m not a huge fan of swimming pools. I always get an awful feeling that something is on the bottom of the floor that’s going to get me but I pushed myself and lowered myself in… Not for long though! The crystal sauna was great but we could only hack it for about 10mins before we had to step out and breathe! Then I decided I’d be brave ant try the “Ice Experience”. It was basically a room with a load of ice in a dip in the wall which you rub over your body and then there was 2 showers with cold water… Really bloody cold! It’s safe to say I didn’t really enjoy it too much haha!

We then tried another type of sauna and while I was sitting there I could help but think ‘Im sat in a room full of other peoples sweat! All over the bench, the puddles on the floor… ewwww’! When we came out of there mum thought she would be brave and try the bucket shower which was a cubicle with a bucket above your head and a chain. Obviously I opted to pull the chain which resulted in mum being drenched in freezing cold water! I loved it… Her… Not so much haha!

After we had taken advantage of all the saunas and jacuzzi we went upstairs where mum read some of her book and i went on my tablet. We ordered our afternoon tea at about 13:45 which I must say I wasn’t looking forward to that much as it’s mainly sweet things and I’m more of a savoury kinda girl! But when it arrived it had cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches which I demolished and I also tried the scones which cream and jam were actually really nice! Mum ate the salmon (which stunk!) and the pudding type bits which I doubt she wasn’t gutted about getting all the sweet treats to herself! 

We got called through for our pedicure and mum wasn’t too impressed with the way hers we’re done which didn’t help the fact that she had just paid a fortune for it! The colour was wong and the woman had to restart multiple times and then she rubbed half of the polish off mums big toe and she put her flip-flop on for her! On the other side of the room though I was loving my pedicure! Apart from the part when she caught a really tickly point and I almost kicked her in the face and off her stool… How embarrassing!! 

So, all in all, it was a lush day. Very relaxing with a few giggles with my momma bear as a late birthday present for her and I will definitely be returning… Regularly!



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